February 18, 2018

Canadian Marijuana Market Security and Programs

More and more sources are becoming available for the cultivation, production, distribution and marketing of medical marijuana and cannabis in Canada.

Throughout the processes of establishing and growing your company, physical and logical security is one of the greatest concerns no doubt.

DKC Associates can help you with these high priority portfolios.

physical access items such as cameras, card readers, secure credentials and ID cards, biometrics, and more.

Logical access solutions such as multi-level network authentication.

When you need to provide ID and access cards for your employees, we have the ID card printers, supplies and accessories you need to do so.

Do you wish to make a membership card for your clients?

Perhaps a rewards program?

National access cards for your clientele and such can all be done by us, for you; or we can simply outfit you with what you need to execute your own in house programs.

Call our experienced sales and support staff today for more information on security and programs for your marijuana based businesses.

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