February 17, 2017

Colored Streaks when Printing Photo ID Cards and Badges

We often see this issue, when printing a full color card, such as a photo ID card, or gift cards, membership cards, etc., you may find there are small to large colored streaks or lines along the printed image.Color streaks in a printed color card

Typically this is referred to as 'ribbon wrinkle', yet there are a few reasons this may occur.  Most often it is due to the card printer trying to print an image too dark, and too much heat is being applied through the printhead.  This can be the case whether you're using a re-transfer printer, or even DTC printers.  If you're not sure of the difference, Call Us and we can explain this to you more in detail.

Here are steps to follow in correcting this printing problem:

  • Reduce the 'Image Darkness' more negatively (-). For Fargo card printers, adjust in increments of -5. This setting is found within your printer driver, under Printing Preferences or Printer Properties. It may also be listed as 'YMC Intensity/Darkness'. Decreasing this value will force the printer to print everything less dark or intense, which will make your images lighter overall. This is why it is important to adjust thsi setting slowly, in small units, to find that perfect adjustment so there are no lines in your prints, yet the image colors are still rich and vibrant
  • Increase the 'Ribbon Supply Tension' by +5. For Fargo printers, you will find this in the 'Advanced Settings' (Printing Preferences - Toolbox)
  • Replace the ribbon. It is not very often we see or hear of defective color print ribbons, no matter the manufacturer/brand, yet it can happen, so it's always worth trying a new ribbon, if the other adjustments have not helped
  • Replace the ribbon cartridge. If your printer uses a cartridge, sometimes a part of a cartridge can break or bend, and then may not guide the ribbon smoothly or straight, hence causing inconsistencies in card printing
  • If the problem still persists, it may very well be the printhead itself that is the cause, and may need to be replaced. In this case, you may Call US for further advice and information, or to carry out this procedure, as it is delicate and not meant for end users to do so themselves.



Sahil hingu said:

What is the reason behind the color change in the color of the id card after the print?

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