October 23, 2017

Datacard Error 102 Card Not In Position

Recently a client card printer was receiving 'Error 102 Card Not In Position'.

This client is using a Datacard® CD800™ ID Card Printer, and printing on adhesive-back cards.

Datacard provides the following error description and comments:

Card did not reach the required position

  • The card is either lost in the printer (not seen by a sensor) or the card is stuck in the printer (sensor never cleared). 
  • Dirty rollers or sensors. Run cleaning card (possibly a few times), then check sensors. 
  • If test cards print fine but do not print from client's application, it could be the page setup in the application, make sure it is set for ISO-ID1 (standard CR80 size card). 
  • Check ribbon cables in the multi-hopper for proper seating of cable ends. 
  • Check all sensor connections for proper seating of connections. 
  • Check all sensor for proper seating in assembly.

The reason behind the error for this specific client printer, is they were printing on CR79 size cards, and not CR80.

What was somewhat bizarre at first, is that the cards were stopping at the exact same position, just before the platten roller.

After cleaning the printer rollers and card path and sensors, and checking all connections, and still receiving the same error, something came to mind...card size.

Until recently the client was using CR80 size cards, yet received CR79 cards somehow, and were not aware, and so all of a sudden the printer was giving this error, and the client could not print any cards.

The Datacard® CD800™ printer can not print on CR79 size cards, only CR80.  

Models before the CD800, such as the SP35 and SP55 and SP75 could all print on CR80 and CR79 size cards.

Datacard® SD260 and SD360 card printers also can not print on CR79 size cards.

The reason is because Datacard changed the card path on these newer models, specifically taking away the card guide with spring, which allowed for the different sizes of cards to be used.

If you experience this error, please first try clean your printer.  If them problem persists, double check the cards you are using, that it is the right size and is accepted by your model of card printer.  And then also verify the card type/size settings in the printer driver, and even your card application software.

For more information, questions, and advice, please contact DKC Associates.


Nilo said:

I have a SD260 with the same problem.

After a several tests, found the problem with size cards and was able to print, but the difference between the good card and bad is only 1mm, and more: I have another SD260 wich accept both cards without problem.
I think the first SD260 has a problem in one of his componentes, maybe a bad spring or something like that.
Someone can help me with it?

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