October 13, 2017

Discontinuation of Entrust Datacard LM / RL Custom Holographic Originations and Re-Originations

Entrust Datacard is announcing the discontinuation of the custom holographic origination and re-origination offering for the LM200™, LM300™ and RL90™ laminators. Pricing for these products will no longer appear in price pages as of November 1, 2017.
With the discontinuation announcement of the SR200™ and SR300™ retransfer card printers and accompanying LM200 and LM300 laminators earlier this year, the discontinuation of new custom holographic origination and re-origination follows.
Entrust Datacard will continue to support re-orders of existing LM / RL custom holographic program supplies.

The NEW Entrust Datacard™ CR805™ Desktop Retransfer Series Card Printer with inline lamination module replaces the SR200, SR300, LM200 amd LM300 systems. Custom holographic options are available for the CR805 with CLM laminator.


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