July 04, 2017

EasyLobby® Solo Visitor Management

Announcing EasyLobby® Solo

Ends: Dec 31, 2017

A professional automated visitor management solution designed for the needs of small to medium organisations.

EasyLobby Solo is a streamlined version of HID Global’s successful EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management (SVM) software, and is designed to smooth the transition for organizations moving from a traditional guest book to a an automated, digital visitor management solution. In addition to facilitating a more professional image, organizations are able to increase security for visitors and employees by better managing who is entering and leaving the premises. EasyLobby Solo provides easy registration and check-in, along with visitor activity reports that are simple to generate and satisfy compliance/audit requirements.

Key Benefits over Traditional Guest Book:
More Professional – Provide visitors a positive brand impression with streamlined visitor scheduling and a quick check-in process that provides professional badges
More Streamlined – Allows for basic pre-registration, use of ID scanners for smooth visitor check-in, professional badge issuance, and efficient reporting
More Secure – Unlike traditional guest books which store visitor information in plain sight, visitor information is securely stored within the EasyLobby Solo application and can also be emailed to first-responders in emergency situations.

EasyLobby® Solo is a standalone application with an embedded database which does not require access control integration, external database connections, or enterprise pre-registration tools and setup. To learn about the full suite of advanced EasyLobby® visitor solutions, please visit http://www.hidglobal.com/solutions/visitor-management

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