October 19, 2017

Entrust Datacard TruCredential 7.3.1 Connection Issue

TruCredential 7.3.1 Unable to connect to client after upgrade to 7.3.1

PLEASE NOTE...this solution should only be applied by your systems administrator !

After a client workstation is upgraded to TruCredential 7.3.1, the server may be unable to connect to client devices. The desktop shortcut may also open to an invalid URL.
This issue will be resolved in the release of 7.3.2.

On the upgraded client workstation:
  1. Open the start menu and go to Datacard ➛ TruCredential and click Shutdown. 
  2. Using a text editor such as Notepad, open server.xml located in the conf folder under the TruCredential installation directory (C:\Program Files\Datacard\TruCredential\conf by default). 
  3. Search for “${text.tomcat.port}”. Replace this with your client port number. 
  4. Save the server.xml file. 
  5. Open the start menu and go to Datacard ➛ TruCredential and click Start. 
  6. Delete the “Sign In” shortcut from the desktop and start menu. 
  7. Right-click the desktop and go to New ➛ Shortcut. 
  8. Enter the TruCredential server URL. Click Next. Enter “Sign In”. Click Finish. 
  9. Copy the new shortcut into the start menu.

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