October 20, 2017

HID Global Smart Cards for FIPS 201 compliant Personal Identity Verification

HID Global announces the availability of the Crescendo PIV smart card that enables organizations to comply with FIPS 201 and that is part of the HID PIV Enterprise solution.

The Crescendo PIV is dual interface card that enables cryptographically secure authentication through either a contact interface, by inserting the card in a smart card reader, or a contactless interface, presenting the card to a contactless smart card reader or NFC enabled device. The card uses a FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified cryptographic module and is capable of containing multiple keys and certificates as specified in NIST special publication 800-73. This card is part of the HID PIV Express and HID PIV Enterprise solutions, which help organizations improve their security posture, comply with mandates, and improve the user experience.

Crescendo PIV is meant to be issued and managed by ActivID Credential Management System. By exposing a standardized card edge, the card can work out of the box with major operating systems or can work in combination with ActivClient middleware that provides additional diagnostic, usability and integration features.
HID Global Crescendo® Smart Card
  • One card for physical and IT access featuring a cryptographic secure element
  • Allows access to doors, computers, network and cloud. PKI based authentication, digital signature and encryption
  • Integrated and tested with ActivID® ActivClient®, ActivID Credential Management System, HID PIV Express® and HID PIV Enterprise®
  • Compliant with FIPS 201 mandates for physical and logical access
  • Optimized performance for faster physical access using digital certificates
  • NIST FIPS 140-2 Level 2 security certification
  • NIST FIPS 201 interoperability certification 
The Crescendo PIV is part of the Crescendo smart card product family that offers the following additional options for deployments where FIPS 201 compliance is not a mandatory requirement:
  • Crescendo C1100 – a hybrid card for deployments with focus on compatibility with traditional PACS technologies, managed by ActivID CMS.
  • Crescendo C1150 - a C1100 smart card for deployments managed by Microsoft mini-driver based applications as well as HID's ActivID ActivClient.
  • Crescendo C1300 – a dual interface card that allows use of digital certificates over NFC; compatible with physical access installations based on Seos
  • Crescendo 144K FIPS – a hybrid card with NIST FIPS 140-2 certification available with combinations of traditional PACS technologies

Crescendo smart cards enable access to a broad range of applications, like PKI based authentication, digital signature, and data encryption. Use cases also include secure login to workstations and laptops, web-based cloud applications, or VPN gateways.

The card leverages HID Global’s Identity Applet Suite, which offers secure storage and protection for cryptographic keys and their associated digital certificates, as well as personal information.

The Crescendo PIV smart card is available to order now.
Please Contact Us for more information and pricing.

HID Global Crescendo® Smart Card Data Sheet 

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